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Unfortunately, it often happens that we CANNOT go to sleep when we feel the need, but we are FORCED to wait for these meetings to come to an end and for all the “people” to leave.

We would like to ask both the parish priest and the parishioners to arrange this meeting at other times or to change location.

Maybe we are making a huge request, but really sometimes we are forced to go to bed only after these meetings are over, and to be honest it does not seem fair to us. Also because this happens from Monday to Thursday, and then also in the summer we cannot keep the windows open because we cannot even hear the television, and in addition to the people, the sound of the organ that enters our homes in the summer an exaggerated way.

I believe that after a working day, a person at home has a minimum right to a little relaxation and unfortunately this, above all, in the summer I assure you that it is not allowed.

We have already made some reports directly to the parish, but we have not received any kind of feedback, unfortunately.

I am writing to you because the situation that has arisen in the condominium has become almost unbearable. Let me explain.

I live in a condominium and the owner of the apartment under my own vertical uses a very noisy industrial machinery at any time of the day and until about 10.30pm. The problem is that this owner is absolutely a brawler with whom it is impossible to dialogue in a civil manner, therefore it becomes impossible to arrive at any form of peaceful coexistence that does not involve the submission of the rest of us condominiums. For the same reason, it is not possible to consider the possibility of filing a complaint with the condominium administrator because this could subsequently lead to a physical confrontation with the same owner.

In this regard, I was wondering if it was possible to resolve the matter through anonymous reporting to … I don’t know … Carabinieri or some other body that can control and resolve the matter. Also because I don’t think that a pseudo-leather factory can be set up in an apartment located in a condominium.

I am writing to have an opinion on a noise of unknown origin that I hear in the house, especially at night (perhaps because there is more silence). It is a background noise, similar to what you hear when approaching power plants, therefore a dark noise (I “write it”: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm) and persistent, sometimes a little louder others less, and I hear it throughout the apartment , but of course in the bedroom it’s very annoying, it gets into your brain.

I specify that I live on the first floor of a small building of 4 apartments, two of which are uninhabited and with the Enel switch disconnected; the tenant who lives above does not have any strange electrical equipment or transformers, nor anything that works from around 22.00 until after 8.30. In his apartment he hears nothing abnormal. There are no power plants nearby, but there is a large Telecom cabin about 300 meters as the crow flies. There is an Enel pole outside the house, with cable, the gas pipes are external, perimeter.

In my house I have nothing that emits such a noise, which can already be heard entering the condominium, in the stairwell, I did the tests by disconnecting the switch, the noise persists. In the stairwell there is a power supply for the video door phone, but it produces nothing but a very slight whistle, even if at the moment only the camera works, having broken the door phone, but lifting the handset in the house, no noise is heard, it is completely silent. The electrical panel has staircase lights, a twilight timer, and everything works without any noise.

I don’t know what to think anymore: I also thought of electromagnetic interference, but I don’t even have telephone repeaters very close, the closest is about 800 meters as the crow flies. No.

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